Kratom to international Standards

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Reliable Own Brand Supplies

Exceeding Expectations

We can provide to you our own brand produce that conforms to all International FDA and UN INCB standards. We will be moving our production through ADI process towards full medicinal compliance for the main-street sales and from there into pharmaceutical compliance. The value of Kratom is the treatment of many ailments, particularly anxiety, warrants the full development of the potential of Kratom within the medicinal sector. 

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White Label Supplies

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are able to provide white label equivalent production to the trade subject to commercial terms. 

Our goal is not to develop a global Kratom Brand, our goal is to grow the cultivation of Kratom broadly throughout Thailand and Laos in order to improve the lives of many farming families. If your brand can bring some value to this goal, we would be delighted to talk to you further. 

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Chained Door

Supply Security

Own Your Own Trees

Kratom Experts through the Wealthy Farmer Network is able to provide you with your own trees which will be managed within specific farmers or across multiple farms. You can see your trees through the local farmer or through our farming team at any times as they are all individually marked with RFID tags. 

If you own the tree, you are actually financing the tree. This will be through a registered security logged with the Thai Securities Exchange Commission. Ownership of your own trees secures not only your supply but also the wholesale price of the leaves. 

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Securing Commercial Supply

Kratom Experts are able to accommodate large orders. This is by special arrangement.

Please contact an agent to discuss your specific needs. 


Kratom Ex is all about quality. Our genetics have over 15 years of cultivation history, are recognized as some of the best in the world and are protected through their IP Ownership. 

All of our farms are licensed, properly funded and follow UN GAP agricultural and organic standards. 

All of our factories and logistics also conform to the highest standards including UN GMP and FDA standards to ensure the satisfaction and safety of all of the Kratom consumers.