Kratom Is The New Gold for A Smart Farmer

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Kratom is from the Coffee family and has been naturally used in teas and natural medicines for centuries. The market for the natural leaves from the tree is very big. Some 11 to 16 million Americans consume kratom products for an energy boost and increased focus (much like a cup of coffee); for reduction in anxiety and depression; and in preference to conventional medicines for the management of acute and chronic pain due the improved positive outcomes with considerably reduced side effects.

The Thai Deputy Minister of Agriculture believes that both Hemp and kratom will add $5 billion a year to the Thai economy by 2024. The US imports somewhere in the region of 4,800 tone's of leaf produce PER MONTH into the USA with an estimated export value for Asia of $200 million. It's large market demand is developing in Europe and other countries.

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