Building Agroforestry Value for Farmers

Kratom is an understory tree that can become quite large with some lumber value. The real value lies in the leaves which are harvested and then sold as teas and powders. This has been a natural Thai and Asian Herbal Medicine for many generations. 

The Wealthy Farmer Kratom Program contracts the cultivation and harvesting of kratom trees and leaves with farmers under long term Farmed Forestry Contracts. The Wealthy Farmer Program is designed to pay farmers a regular income with equitable floor price commensurate to the value being created without the cultivation risks. 

Wealthy Farmers will then ensure that the cultivation and processing to teas and powders in Thailand conforms with all domestic and international regulations and food standards. We can produce both white label and own brand teas and powders. The main assurance is the quality to international trade standards. The importance of the quality and standards will ensure the long term growth of kratom as a herbal tradition medicine and see it grow into more mainstream medicinal and pharmaceutical products which ultimately ensure that Thai and Laos farmers receive good compensation for their efforts. 

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