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Kratom Farmers 

  We buy from all farmers who meet our stringent organic and licensing requirements. It is essential that we support the existing business. We are building on this production base and raising the standards across the whole cultivation sector. Complying with the highest organic and processing standards delivers better quality to the consumers while giving confidence to the regulators that the industry is able to meet exacting international trading standards.

  Better standards will mean better prices and more reliable trade. This translates to more money for our farmers. The Wealthy Farmer Program is driven to create minimum floor price earning for farmers to raise not only their incomes but their wealth and creditworthiness. Long term Farmed Forestry Contracts bring with them long term reliable revenues and harvest share for when the kratom tree is harvested for timber 20-25 years after planting. These regular and reliable incomes build security into farming where today there is little. ​

  For more information on becoming a Kratom Farmed Forestry Contract Cultivation Partner, please contact us through Wealthy Farmers for more information.