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We have been in the Hemp and Kratom industry for over 11 years through our parent company Thai Cannabis Corporation, founded in 2010. 

As a result we have considerable regulatory and cultivation experience with regard to both Hemp and Kratom. 

With the recent changes in Thai Laws, specifically the Thailand Kratom Act, we are now moving to fully integrate the cultivation, processing and export of the highest quality Thai Kratom globally. 

Our experience and resources include direct contact with the Royal Projects and the Royal Thai Government to bring the best genetics to market. 

Our parent company has been appointed to act for the American Kratom Association with the first task to oppose the USA's FDA's request to the UN's World Health Organization (WHO) that the WHO globally prohibit kratom.

Kratom Experts, part of the Wealthy Farmers Network, is able to bring contracted kratom cultivation to Thai Farmers as part of the development of the Rural Economy. 

Kratom Experts are able to connect cultivation to the trade and the consumers to international trade and regulatory standards. Contact us for more information if you wish to become one of our cultivation partners or you are in the Kratom trade and you want internationally compliant FDA organic Kratom leaves, teas, and powders.

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